Installing solar systems is an excellent way to improve your energy efficiency and help reduce your environmental impact. This guide from Energie Electrical and Solar here in New South Wales will cover the basics of solar panel installation, including the grid connection application process, the installation process itself and what you need to be aware of after the system is installed. Our solar experts have tons of experience in this field and will be happy to assist you throughout any stage of the process. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us as soon as is convenient!

Grid Connection Applications 

Text: Before you begin with the solar panels installation process, you must make a grid connection application. Your electricity provider will check if the local network can support your new system. They can reject your application if they decide that the proposal does not meet the requirements of their network. Your solar company can guide you through this process and provide you with options if the electricity provider does end up rejecting the initial proposal. 

Solar Power Installation Process

Text: Your solar retailer will work with you to find an appropriate time and date to install your solar panels. You must be there once they arrive, as you should always check their accreditation and other essential documents. There’s no need to concern yourself with doing any prep work before they arrive. Once installed, they’ll work with you to provide a short, yet relatively comprehensive demonstration of how to use and monitor your solar system. Our team of solar specialists are a leading provider of solar power in Sydney and NSW and should be a top choice for your installation process. We balance exceptional work, clear customer service and highly competitive prices. 

Maintenance Scheduling 

Text: Setting up a regular maintenance schedule is an integral part of the installation service. To keep your system running as efficiently as possible, your solar retailer will check for potential debris and damage, conduct system testing and make sure emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are in place and displayed. Setting this up as soon as installation is complete ensures your peace of mind. 

When you need high-quality solar solutions and services, turn to the leading provider of solar power in Sydney and NSW. Contact us online, or call our team on 0421 270 595!

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