Choosing solar panels for homes is generally simple enough, once you understand what is required. The team of specialists here at Energie Electrical & Solar in New South Wales are here to provide you with a consummate guide on how to do just that. Our experts have the specialised skillset, knowledge and experience that you need for reliable advice and fantastic services. Keep reading to find out how to select the right system for you and please do get in touch with our friendly and attentive team if you have any questions, or if we can help in any other way! 

Assess Your Energy Requirements 

Text: Your first step should be to determine how much energy your home needs. As a rough guide, a typical home uses around 20kWh a day, though this can vary. A5kW solar panel system would meet those requirements for daytime electricity usage. If you’re unsure how to accurately assess this for yourself, experts from a reputable solar company such as Energie Electrical and Solar can work with you to help you find this out. 

Keep Environmental Factors in Mind

Text: When buying solar panels for homes, you must take into account any environmental factors, such as the general weather conditions at your home, your roof characteristics and any potential shade. These factors can determine how many solar panels you may need, the system itself and where they should be placed. Our specialists have gone through this process countless times and are more than happy to help you out. 

Consider Your Budget

Text: Balancing cost-effectiveness with the actual energy efficiency of your home solar systems is of paramount importance. If you’re looking for top-of-the-range models, then monocrystalline solar panels are your best choice. They are the top option available for converting sunlight to energy and as such, tend to come at the pricier end of the spectrum. If you’re looking for a more budget-conscious choice, thin-film solar panels are a great selection. They produce energy efficiently, whilst coming at a lower price point. You’ll also need to consider the prices charged by your installer. Energie Electrical & Solar has been installing solar panels for houses for a significant period and we’re renowned for balancing cost-efficiency and exceptional work. 

Get in touch with our team by either contacting us online or giving us a call on 0421 270 595 for amazing solar solutions!

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